Who Is The Mccarthyism In The Crucible

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In the Crucible there is a puritan village in the winter rumors of witches were spreading through the town. A man was praying for his sick daughter, he feels like an outcast. This relate to the Mccarthyism. Mccarthyism was a kind of thinking against the communist in the 1940s. These communists came on the blacklist. The Author of “ The Crucible” was on the blacklist, which was a list of people who were believed to be communist. The Author, Miller, was on the blacklist, because he wrote the book “The Crucible”, where he is saying his opinion about the Mccarthyism. Miler was alwasys against the Mccarthyism, what brought him on the blacklist. Since Miller was on this list he lost his job, his reputation, and those close to him, what include
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