Who Is The Miracle Of The Feeding Of 5000 People?

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There are many times when we as sinners doubt God and are un-sure of just how powerful he truly is. In the Bible several books talk about just how great God is. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John speak of one instance the miracle of the feeding of 5000 people. It is interesting that four different books in the bible that have shown important differences to this point suddenly agree almost completely in all but the smallest of details. It is as if the four aspects of thought cross at exactly the same point. I believe that it is also the Spirit guaranteeing that the amazing part of this miracle is well confirmed. Jesus feeds 5000 people with just five loaves and two fish. Jesus looked up to heaven for God to bless the food and also the people.…show more content…
You can never give up hope or faith, Jesus can and will save you from everyday pressures in life if you have patience and believe in him and only him. You have to have a strong relationship with God in order to believe in the miracles he has performed before our time and also every day. You have to have faith! Sometimes people doubt God and his power but always remember that even when in doubt you must obey him just as the people in the crowd that Jesus fed during the feeding of the 5000. Even though they didn’t believe they still obeyed and because they obeyed they were fed. God is a forgiving, loving, compassionate, but yet selfish God. In Matthew 14:13-21 the arrangement is rather upfront. The focal point is unquestionably the miracle that was carried out to satisfy a need. But the conversation that leads up to it is important to the understanding; Jesus is using the miracle to get something more across than just the feeding. Jesus does not simply just do the miracle, but he first instructs the disciples to give the people something to eat. They, of course, have nothing to give the thousands of people. So Jesus gives to them, so that they might give to the people. What I gathered as the point of the passage is the revelation of Jesus as the Lord and Savior, and as the Savior He can and will meet all the needs of his people.
The main message is for Christians to have the same compassion that Jesus did. If we see the poor,
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