Who Is The Most Guilty Of His Alleged Crime?

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Who is the most guilty of their alleged crime? Everyone who arrive on Indian Island was accused of some crime. However, a few were more guilty than others. Everyone was accused of murder but, some were to a higher degree than others. All of these alleged murderers were acquitted or not indicted, which is why they were invited to Indian Island. Vera Claythorne, in my opinion was the most guilty out of all the guests on Indian Island. She is behind the murder of a boy named Cyril. Vera had means, motive, and opportunity to be behind the murder of Cyril. To begin, Vera had motive and opportunity. At the time, Vera was dating the Uncle of Cyril Hamilton, named Hugo Hamilton. Vera was a governess to the boy, Cyril. Hugo and Vera were at the stage of their relationship where marriage was the next step. Even so, Hugo did not have enough money to marry and please Vera. Cyril, who was wealthy off inheritance, would pass on his fortune to Hugo if something were to happen to him. Hugo loved Cyril very much and would not harm him for money alone. However, Vera seemed to have a different view. Her view was that if Hugo were to run into some money then they could get married and live happily. In addition, Vera was jealous at the fact that she was always second to Cyril in Hugo’s eyes. Cyril had always wanted to swim out to a rock in the ocean, but Hugo was a sub-par swimmer and would probably never make it. He was forbidden by his mother to swim out to the rock since she knew of his
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