Who Is The Most Important Professions?

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Social work is one of the most important professions in society today. It is a career that offers an individual the opportunity to be part of something bigger than them self and to assist those that struggle with finding the right resources and paths to move forward to a better life. A career that provides the chance to be a voice for people who remain unheard, and the setting to live a life of moral courage wherein one can stand for what they believe is right in spite of the disapproval they may encounter. These qualities are what have attracted me to a career in social work. I was raised in a home with a father that was physically abusive to my mother and mentally and emotionally abusive towards me. I witnessed acts that are still…show more content…
Our manager requested that I mentor this Marine, and I attempted to lead him in the right direction. Unfortunately, my efforts did not have the desired effect, and I began taking a more unempathetic and direct approach. I failed to see that he struggled with life in the Marine Corps because he struggled with the stress involved and change in culture. The signs were there that he was having difficulty adapting, but the standards we were held to were too taxing for him. Every spring, we would change uniforms and would begin wearing short sleeve shirts or rolling our sleeves. The first day of the uniform change I noticed that my Marine had what appeared to be burns on his arm resembling the tick marks one would use to keep score in a game. I asked him if how they got there and he failed to answer me. Following the guidance provided in our suicide awareness training, I then asked him if he was thinking about killing himself. Once again, I was answered with silence. It was at that time we went to the office of our Staff Non-Commissioned Officer where we discussed what I suspected was happening as he sat there quietly. He was then taken to Balboa Naval Hospital where he was evaluated, and after a few rough months, he was medically discharged from the Marine Corps. I feel that I could have done more for him if I had been more observant and empathetic. I allowed my judgement to be
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