Who Is The Owner Of A Million Dollar Company?

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I remember when I was young having everything I ever wanted. Having a father who is the owner of a million dollar company does that. It didn’t help that my mother died from cancer when my brother and I was five. Having little memories of her made my father believe that we needed something to make us happy. He would always give us money, toys, anything that we would make us happy, at least just temporary, I see that now. Being his daughter always made me believe I was better than most people. Having the best clothing, house and anything we honestly wanted. We got to a point where he couldn’t believe what he turned us into and he needed to do something. Anyways, I could see others strive for what I had, they thought it would make them happy. I mean it doesn’t hurt, but money doesn’t bring the happiness everyone hopes there to be. I loved being rich because I knew what I had but didn’t realize how easy it could be taken all away. Being able to see others survive and be happy with a lot less than what I had, actual happiness is something indescribable. That day I remember it like if it happened less than five minutes ago. I had just gotten home from being in the mall with my boyfriend. We went to the living room for an hour or so before he had to get to work. It hadn’t even been five minutes from then when I heard the front door slam while my dad yelled at me “Hurry up we need to get out of here right now”! He grabbed my arm and made me run across the hall downstairs to the…
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