Who Is The Owner Of Several Restaurants?

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I interviewed Alex Gurviech, he founded and is the owner of several restaurants including Limon, Bisque, Conan Coffee, Capanga Pizza (now My Other Bar), Next Door Lounge, and soon to come Sushi Ronin. His love for cooking started as a young boy, while helping his Russian family in their restaurant. Alex went to Culinary school overseas, and decided to specialize in French Cuisine. After culinary school, he obtained his Masters of Accounting at CU Boulder, he said he got an Accounting Degree in order to manage his businesses more effectively. His first venture Conan Coffee opened in 1994, established in a neighborhood in which he saw great potential. I choose to interview this particular person because I am a patron at a few of his restaurants and admire his dedication, food taste profile, and great work ethic. We decided to meet at Weathervane Cafe (near Limon), we talked for about an hour while enjoying some coffee. Most of Alex’s companies are restaurants/bars, many of them have a strong local following and have been in business for years. Going on its 10th year Limon, in particular was one of the best restaurants in Denver around 2002, which landed Alex on the cover of 5280. Given that his companies restaurants they are both service and product based, I would say product is more heavily emphasized. Although the service is a very important aspect, the best service in the world can not make up for crappy food. All of his current restaurants are located in Denver; 6th
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