Who Is The Perfect Island In Lord Of The Flies

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In the novel “The Lord of the Flies,” by William Golding, is set on a paradise like island. There are only little boys on the island and the author gave them almost a perfect island to live on. They have fruit, water, but there is no sign of civilization on the island. The boys first instinct was to group together when the conch was blown. The children can do whatever they want because they have no authority. They also established a leader right when the whole island was started.
Ralph is one the main characters and he is a John Locke type character. Locke is an enlightenment thinker and one of his philosophy is he sees everyone as good person. Hobbes is another philosopher that thinks the opposite of Locke’s philosophies in a lot of places, he thinks that all people are cruel and terrible people and need to be put in there place by a big bad ruler. Locke had an outlook on government much like Ralph did, he wanted to have someone that could lead well and had a lot of knowledge on how things worked. The narrator reveals “but there was a stillness about Ralph that marked him out; there was his size, and his attractive appearance; and most obscurely, yet
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He saw that most people when given paradise, will destroy themselves because of one bad decision after each other. Jack had the same mindset of Hobbes, they both believed that a powerful leader would help keep everyone in check. Mankind will never be at peace with each other because everyone has different opinions about different things and we will never agree with each other. The island might have been built up faster and better if Jack took the lead on the island. He would have his strength and words to scare the others so they would do what he told them to do. The basis of the story is that people will destroy each other just to get better than another, the kids on the island were not mature enough to help the fact that every kid had a different opinions and
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