Who Is The Predator

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In Predator, the director uses the plotline of the Task to show how we as humans need to be able to rely on and trust others, because without their help, we would not be able to survive the many situations that life throws at us. At the beginning of Predator, Dutch was invited to a team to execute a secret mission to rescue politicians from Guatemala, this invitation is given to him by an old military friend, but he only finds out once he arrives at the site before they are inserted into Guatemala. Dutch and his friends went through little planning about the actual mission on the helicopter. This shows how the people around him must be trusted in order to get requested for the mission. Following the liberation of the compound, Dutch and company were waiting to be extracted, but they were met by an unknown force. They were being picked off by the predator one by one, and Dutch had to rely on his training and his remaining team. This means that even though he had seen little about what his team could do, he had to put his trust in them, which ultimately led to Dutch being the last remaining team member.…show more content…
He began to prepare by setting up a series of traps and sharp objects for the Predator to cut itself on, and a hopeful failsafe. This showed how much trust he had to put in his research and general survival skills in order to bring down a much more powerful and unknown enemy. When Dutch had defeated the Predator and had been extracted, he could reflect on how little regrets he had with his preparation for the mission and how he is thankful that he trusted his team who had their lives taken from
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