Who Is The Protagonist In Ex Machina

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The film “Ex Machina gives the audience a view of what the future generation will become with technology advancing everyday. Caleb, a programmer at a huge company wins a contest that allows him to participate in a Turing test to determine the abilities and consciousness of a robot, Ava. In a short period of time, Caleb and Nathan realize Ava can do more than they both had imagined. Nathan, Caleb, and Ava all play an enormous part in the film with the names symbolizing how they act. Nathan is very self preserved, private with his life, and believes he is the dominate one. Caleb comes across very caring and honest; he wears his heart on his sleeve. Ava is very timid until she realizes she can go venture for herself. The three characters…show more content…
He is intrigued by Ava from the moment he met her. The sessions they have together will determine whether she passes or fails the Touring test. As he gets more sessions with Ava, he learns more about her and starts to care and see more than just a friendship occurring. At times, he thinks about her romantically and envisions an image of them leaving together. Instead of her being a test, he sees her as a human with feelings, making him want to have more conversations. He didn’t question Nathan trust until their conversation with the power outage. When Ava said “he isn’t your friend and should not be trusted”, she implies Caleb doesn’t really know Nathan as well as he thinks. He feels he can’t open up to the fullest when he communicates with Ava because Nathan is watching their communication, but when the light is red, the color indicates they can speak freely about their emotions and anything else without worry. The conversations escalades into intimacy, leaving him being more attached. When Caleb gets stuck in the room, he panics and gets worried he will not leave the estate. Caleb lets the viewers be Adam, the viewers observe passively as Caleb test Ava foreshadowing Adams
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