Who Is The Protagonist In Finding Nemo

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Nemo and his friends swim to the edge of the reef in the scene, “Swimming out to Sea” from the movie, Finding Nemo. The friends see boat in the distance, they call a butt. Nemo’s friends dare him to swim out to touch the boat. But before Nemo can his dad, Marlin, shows up and scolds him for attempting to swim out into open water. The teacher, hearing the scolding, then asks Marlin if he can help. As they are talking, Nemo swims out into open water and touches the boat with confidence. After completing the dare, he began to swim back to his friends. As he is swimming back, a diver from the boat captures Nemo and snaps a picture of Marlin. Marlin disoriented from the flash of the camera, swims madly toward the boat to help his son, but his efforts
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