Who Is The Protagonist In Miss Brill

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The short story “Miss Brill”, by Katherine Mansfield, is written in third person. Miss Brill is a English teacher who lives in French. The narration describes a story of a lonely person named Miss Brill who believes she is a special person. She spends her time walking and sitting in a park each Sunday in the afternoons where nobody talks with her. Because Miss Brill was to lonely, she watches and listens others people conversations. This Miss Brill’s attitude brings to her a sensation of she was accompanied in her imagination. She thought that the people in the park miss her when she is absent, but honestly they do not want that she stays there. In the story named “Miss Brill”, Katherine Mansfield characterizes to the protagonist as lonely…show more content…
Each Sunday she goes and seats in the park where she spent all the afternoons. Example of her loneliness is when the author says: “Only two people share her "special" seat: a fine old man in a velvet coat… and a big old woman, sitting upright, with a roll of knitting on her embroidered apron. They did not speak. This was disappointing, for Miss Brill always looked forward to the conversation”. This is really frustrating for her. “Although it was so brilliantly fine – the blue sky powdered with gold and great spots of light like white wine splashed over the Jardins Publiques – Miss Brill was glad that she had decided on her fur”. The reader can associate the fur with all things that Mss Brill does not have. Her only company or treasure is what the author describes as “Dear little thing” or “Little Rogue”. This is the only thing that she care and appreciate in her life. In fact, she is reassured and comforted by the presence of the fur around her neck: “Miss Brill put her hand and touched her fur. […] It was nice to feel it again”. The fur symbolizes everything she doesn’t have in her life. It is really sad, to live without some aspirations, without accompany, without somebody who shares happiness and sadness too. Life likes the Mss Brill is too miserable because at the end she did not live her own live. She just stays living the around people’s lives. One example of how the author describes how Miss Brill
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