Who Is The Real Bully?

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Daniel Mora
November 20, 2014
WRTG 101s
Who is the real bully?

Bullying has one of the most deadly outcomes in the world; it can corrupt futures and lives. There are roughly 4,400 suicide deaths per year that are related or in results of bullying. You can save lives on a daily basis by staying aware and having an understanding of bullying and how to prevent the dangers of it. Bullying is a commonly understood topic around the world, but there are many unknown facts and situations that people aren’t aware of, including different types of bullying: bullying in school, racial bullying, and bullying in the workplace. Bullying hasn’t always been a major issue that haunts lives on a day to day basis.
It wasn’t until the 1970’s where ‘bullying’
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Based on an estimate from other sources that is also about 15%. As many people know, bullying occurs when the other party feels dominance or superiority over the other party. This directly correlates with personality, strength, ideals, and insecurity. After studies being taken place it is found that “the 15% that was bullied in the grades of 1 – 9 tend to be more depressed and have a lower self-esteem at age 23 because they cannot overcome the scares in their minds” (Dan Olweus). Here is where it gets interesting; the bullies are not usually only focused on students, they tend to have an impact of bullying towards teachers, peers, and other adults as well. Follow-up studies of the children that bullied other kids in school is an astounding 35% to 40% that they have been victimized of at least three crimes by the age of 24. Dan Olweus’ article is still at an early age of the bullying era but it has shown that bullying prevention programs have significantly decreased bullying around the world. To conclude this article by Dan Olweus, it provided enough evidence to say that anti-bullying programs are as simple to implement as they are necessary in order to assist change in the behavior, attitudes, and routines of daily school life. Bullying only seen as a form of physical contact or words isn’t always the case.
The article by Mouw Ted
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