Who Is The Real Hero?

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Who is The Real Hero? What makes a hero a hero? Is it the cape and the supernatural powers? Or is it by how many lives they save? Can the villain also be the hero? Each person has a different classification on who they think of as a hero. A hero can be any ordinary person like your mother or out of an ordinary person like batman. The way we classify who the hero is depends solely on each individual. For instance, a person who goes and attempts to save the elephants is a hero to me, but not for many others. If asked to name a hero, the ten-dollar founding father without a father wouldn 't be the first person to come in someone’s mind. Or even Aaron Burr, the guy that shot and killed the founding father. Many people would classify…show more content…
Burr later received a citation for his bravery. According to an article from Time “Forget Hamilton, Burr is the Real Hero” Burr was one of the few that believed in Women’s Rights at the time. Burr once said, “to convince the world what neither sex appears to believe – that women have souls!” Burr was an extremely intelligent man but not many people got to see that since many times he was excluded from “the room where it happens” where the decisions are being produced. According to Sue Shellenbarger article “Are You a Hero or a Bystander?” the characteristics of heroes are a strong sense of morality and a social responsibility, yet Hamilton lacked both as he cheated on his wife Eliza and to some extend married her for his own political gain and was not there to parent for most of his son 's life. While Burr never cheated on his wife and put his family first over anything. In the musical ‘Hamilton’, the last thing Burr said before taking the deadly shot at Hamilton was” He will not make an orphan of my daughter” which shows how much he cared about his family. A villain can also be the hero, and the hero can also be the villain depending on how the public chooses to perceive them. The villain can have the same characteristics as the hero, similar to Aaron Burr who portrayed many characteristics of a hero such as having a strong sense of morality and responsibility. Although Alexander Hamilton is not a
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