Who Is The Responsibility Of Two Younger Sisters After The Passing Of My Mother?

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Having to assume the responsibility of two younger sisters after the passing of my mother seemed an insurmountable task as a 9-year-old girl. Garnering as much courage and faith I possibly could, I was determined to give them the best of motherly love and care. From their first step to their first giggles and gossips as teenagers, I built a strong sense of understanding of the needs of growing children and the herculean task of parenthood. A highly accomplished cardiothoracic surgeon, our father always made time for his daughters; he left no stone unturned in his determination to nurture each of us into someone with purpose and character.
An incident that served as inspiration in my desire toward a career in medicine was when an impoverished family of a teenage girl from a remote village in Northern India, knocked at our doorstep requesting help in repair of their daughter’s mitral stenosis. Humbled by their request, my father made arrangements and successfully operated on her. The family touched his feet in reverence and with tears in their eyes, said “Thank you, you have given each of us a new life”. His professionalism and quest to serve the community is a standard that I strive to achieve.
During my years of clinical training, I looked forward to meeting the precious little ones, who were convinced that I had magically taken away their tummy aches and funny feelings. Turning up at the eleventh hour for complicated deliveries and helping a newborn see this beautiful…

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