Who Is The Right Decision?

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Although he himself would never admit it, especially not while in the company of General O 'Docharty, he has always detested Base 631. Hated it with a passion. Despising the fact that men who should have been rightly put on trial, by a licensed and competent judge, were instead brought hundreds of feet below Lancashire. Their former lives erased, along with their crimes.
I could really punch him sometimes, were the words that thudded through his mind when the gun first emerged from his jacket and had been put to the face of the sick soldier, who had merely been trying to get on with his job, fulfilling his specially contracted duties, without his health getting in the way. That was an attitude to be admired – not necessarily the right
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The General and himself would be visiting 'Bell tomorrow evening. In the meantime, instructions had been given for him to go ahead with testing the device, which would remain a secret to most until the facts were certified. Mr Evans had recommended infecting a cow or some other type of animal, only to be told that it had not been designed for animals and, considering the expenses 'Bell had put in for, knew it was best not to waste the product. The man knew what he was doing and that was good enough for him. General O 'Docharty, however, had insisted that the test go ahead on a human, as it was the main purpose of the device.
It had all been arranged, he was going to have his son carry out the deed. He hadn 't been too pleased when this fact had been relayed to him. 'Bell was a highly skilled man. Only he understood the nature of the device, not his child. The General had agreed to it though, making it clear that if the child were to mess up... 'Bell had cut him off before the threats had even begun, assuring him positive results by the time they arrive tomorrow evening.
"You 're in your own little world again, 'Evans,"
"Yep," he admitted. "Dread is wearing my thinking cap right now,"
"These people know what they 're doing, heck they 've been down here long enough,"
"Why don 't you end their misery then?"
What he 'd meant was that it was perhaps time for them to be released, the General seemed to be thinking something else
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