Who Is The Sole Provider Working As A Cook, And My Mother?

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Until age nine, my family and I resided in a poverty-stricken neighborhood of Long Beach, California where gangs and criminal activity pervaded the streets. My father was the sole provider working as a cook, and my mother, formerly a caretaker for the elderly, became a full-time homemaker when I was born. Though my father was not home much, his strong work ethic and tenacity to improve our living conditions was admirable, as it enabled him to provide for us and help support family in Mexico. Since my mother did not drive, our limited income and transportation precluded them from supporting extracurricular activities. I did, however, excel in academics. I enjoyed school and always looked to satisfy my need for intellectual stimulation. That said, learning extended past the academic environment. Our family physician, Dr. Egodage, was bilingual and especially good with kids. Recognizing my eagerness to learn, he conversed with me directly, explaining procedures and their significance. Certain qualities I appreciated were his attentiveness, patience in explaining results, and an easy-going personality that always comforted. I was still too young to realize which career to pursue, but he left a long-lasting, positive impression. Up through the third grade, classes were bilingual and instruction was primarily conducted in Spanish, as the majority of the student base was Latino. At the end of that academic year, my father gained a work promotion, requiring us to move to Fresno,
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