Who Is The Stranger? Essay

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Observed Stranger
Stranger Bio I was born in Nairobi, Kenya in the winter of 1994. My mother and I fled from Kenya and moved to the U.S. We lived in multiple homes until we found a permanent one in Portland, Maine in the summer of 1998. My mannerisms, my tastes and attitude have all been developed by my middle school experience and my transformation in the summer before high school. I’ve always been the big kid in school; this has affected my personality. I always got bullied for my height and weight. Little boys like to prove themselves by taking on guys like me. They’d fight me and insult just so they could viewed as tough. My elementary to middle school education was nonexistent. I always had subpar grades, and I never my did my homework. I was a classic under achiever. I did barely enough to get me to the next grade. The constant bullying and teasing turned me into a pessimistic and petty individual. People would try to be my friends, but I would push them away in fear of being victimized. I use to insult myself, before my bullies could the chance. My entire middle school career was littered with self loathing. I did whatever I could to not be noticed. My movements were small and my voice was smaller; I felt inferior.. This all changed the summer before my freshmen year of high school when I went to the YMCA camp of Maine. The camp was far away from Portland. The kids were all from Canada, or Europe. This gave me a chance to start fresh. That summer I crafted the
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