Who Is The Sun Caught My Eye Just Right Essay

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I supposed the sun caught my eye just right. I had spent so much time looking down. Clutching on to the side of the cliff one hand, grasping a branch with another. Staring down into the canyon the light touched everything as it reached up and sighed in relief. But I never noticed. I just saw the bottom. What did it have to do with me? Education had always engrossed. As an only child to a disabled single mother, I had a lot of spare time on my hands, I usually filled it with fumbling around in the grass. I was the odd one. People would eye me as I dug up rocks and say I was making new types of fruits (really I just planted two different seeds next to each other). So my mother got me books on all types of things. Because if I was going to be silly, I should at least be accurate. “But why?” They would say. Why get up her hopes. The success rate was low with odds at impossible. Folks in my neighbor didn’t grow up to write policy, to do the research, or save lives. We were told we would fail so we began to fail. It was no matter to me, I was interested, I wanted to learn because I enjoyed it, not because I believed it possible to be accepted to a class that was not my own. In middle school, I was lucky enough to be under the guidance of my history teacher, a former Navy Captain. Furiously stern and incredibly forgiving are not common traits for those dealing with us rugrats. Which I very much was. My own intellect and interested was a nuisance to me. Yet, not once had

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