Who Is The True Black Dahlia Assailant?

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Who Is The True Black Dahlia Assailant? The Black Dahlia is a murder case that occurred in Los Angeles, California in 1947, where a woman was brutally murdered. The victim murdered was a woman by the name of Elizabeth Short; an aspiring actress, only twenty two years of age. Her naked body, completely drained of blood, was found cut in half and mutilated in a vacant lot of a residential section in Leimert Park, Los Angeles. Shortly after her death newspapers gave her the nickname The Black Dahlia. This nickname was also thrown around by the men she would fool around with daily. With this new intriguing name, the Black Dahlia gained a large amount of attention from coast to coast. To this day, the murder case of The Black Dahlia remains…show more content…
What was found at the crime scene was a cement bag with spots of blood on it, blood spots on the sidewalk, and a bloody heel print that was disrupted by the vehicle tracks of the murderers car. There was one witness that saw what possibly could have been the murderer at the exact same lot Short’s body was dumped. In his book Severed: True Story of the Black Dahlia, John Gilmore introduces a witness and the initial finding of Short’s mutilated body. A paper boy on his way to his usual route at around six o’clock a.m. with dew in the air and the sun shining through, saw what looked like to be a black sedan with mud on the bumper. The boy could not make out a person through the windshield because the sun was glaring off of it. Later that morning, a woman named Betty Bersinger was walking her baby in a stroller down the street until she came upon what at first glimpse looked like a broken mannequin. As she crept closer, she saw lacerations to the face and breasts and at that moment, realized it was a real human body. She then went to the nearest house to make a call to the police.
Short’s body was posed neatly on the ground with the upper torso twelve inches above and six inches offset from the lower half, both arms raised above her head bent in the same fortyfive degree angles as the other, and both legs in the same exact position as the other. Dr. Frederic

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