Essay about Who Is To Blame for a Child's Poor Behavior?

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When I was six years old my family and I moved to the United States from Ghana. During this move I saw a child crying on the planes, which lead me to ask my dad “why is he crying?” he replied with “because his mom ran out of candy and he wants more”. This baffled me because, I wouldn’t dream of doing something like that with my parents. Usually when I saw a child crying it was after being punished for being bad or causing trouble, so I asked “Is he a bad kid?” and my dad told me “No, he just has a bad parent.”.
I didn’t understand until I started going to school because, every year there was at least one kid who thought they were above the rules. They would usually distract the class with their antics, and when confronted about their behavior would act like they were innocent. The one I remember the most was a boy named Steven. One day Steven decided to take it too far and punched one of our classmates, when he was ignored by him. The teacher gave him an automatic suspension and a phone call home during class. When the teacher called Steven’s mom she wasn’t happy; however, she wasn’t angry at Steven. She got angry at the teacher and disagreed with everything he had to say, she got angrier when she had to come pick him up early and proclaimed that she was taking her child out of the school.
I didn’t fully understand the concept of bad parents make bad children until my brother became a father. He brought two children into the world named Roman and Reuben Jr with two…