Who Is Too Indirect For Our Current Generation?

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There are very few who even care for poetry; only 6.7% of American adults offered their time and commitment to it last year. Poetry doesn’t matter anymore because it is too indirect, depressing, and confusing for our current generation. Poetry is too indirect for our current generation because we usually like things straightforward and concise. The poem “Sonnet 18” by William Shakespeare states, “Nor shall Death brag thou wand’rest in his shade, / When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st,” (Shakespeare 1). The poem is too indirect understand it after reading it just once. You would have to keep reading and thinking about what it is telling you to get a deeper understanding of the poem. However, our generation prefers things to be straightforward and concise so we would move on after reading it once. Poems are not thought highly of anymore. We don’t spend as much time reading and thinking of them as we did back then. Our generation spends less time reading poetry and starts doing things we feel are more entertaining.…show more content…
In “Kaze no Stigma” it states, “Kaze no Stigma came to an end. / Sad the show did not extend / Past the twenty-four episodes it had,” (Fong 1). Writing and reading poetry that is based on sad events or moods affects our emotions too. An elegy is an example of a poem that would change our emotions from being happy to sorrow since it is traditionally about a response to the death of a person or group. Kaze no Stigma was my favorite anime series but then it was left incomplete. Writing and reading about it ending is not something I would want to do on a nice, sunny
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