Who Is Torvald Helmer Selfish

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Marriage should be a two-way connection, not only one person ignoring, controlling and misunderstanding the other. Torvald Helmer is a shallow, selfish, and childish human being. Nora is a silly, kind, and strong person. To other people they seem like a good fit but behind doors the two of them are constantly misinterpreting one another. By looking at the way Torvald Helmer speaks towards Nora, we can see that he does not have any sort of respect or love for Nora anymore. He believes she is a child that needs to be taken care of. Due to this kind of treatment from Torvald, Nora takes a stand and leaves him. Torvald is more worried about his reputation to how people on the outside see him and having the ‘picture perfect’ family. Nora is also…show more content…
Hush! Hush! Hush! [HELMER comes out of his room, with his coat over his arm and his hat in his hand.]” (Ibsen 767). Torvald cares about her appearance, that is why sweets are forbidden from Nora. “Nora is an object of pleasure for Torvald.” (Baseer). Nora tells Linda she will tell Tovald about the loan when she believes she does not want her anymore or not as desirable anymore. Here she knows something is off about their relationship with one another but does not take action. When Torvald was coming, Nora hid the packet of macarons, as if she was a child hiding candy from their parents because they were not supposed to have…show more content…
Though, he uses interrogative in order to justify his case, he is actually, indirectly, suggesting to Nora, it would not have been of any use to her being a part of any serious conversation. Nora, by this time, has gained the courage to choose to use direct speech and complains openly of how Helmer and her father had in the guise of love wronged her most. She even asserts that his love was only a fancy to keep him entertained with. Helmer in the last dialogue finds it hard to believe and though he quite understands what she says, he shows his ignorance of the words she speaks. A little later in the scene we find Nora who takes a decision to educate herself and find her own way in life.” (Rahman) Rahamn brought the attention of Nora’s father being the starter of her ways. Nora’s father treated her like a child, therefore she acted like, and then she found a husband that treated her like one. Torvald believe he loves Nora but he does not. If he loved her then he would treat Nora in such a
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