Who Is Voicing Groot In The Movie?

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He only utters three words during the whole movie. During each time, he says it in different tones and possible meanings. But the world loves him for it. Which is why Guardians of the Galaxy 2 brings back the adorable Groot! Vin Diesel is known for voicing the character in the first movie. But who is voicing Groot in the sequel? Director James Gunn is being prodded with the same question over and over. If you have seen the first movie, Groot balled himself up to protect the rest of the crew. The crew survives the impact but he did not. But a little ray of hope shines through. A little Groot sprouts from the ground. When it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the director reveals that Vin Diesel is voicing the smaller version of Groot. But
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