Who Is Who You Call Friend?

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My goal in my essay Be Mindful Of Who You Call friend was to make people aware of how people can betray you .People become blinded by the years of friendship, and let their guard down. Without ever expecting the backstabbing, and the lies .Like they always say be careful of who you call friend.
I wanted to let people know to watch their backs. Someone who I loved as a brother. Who I let into my home with never any hesitation robbed me, and I never saw it coming. You will never understand the reason of why they did it, but you will have to stay strong and become the bigger person and move on.
Even though it is hard, some people are meant to be left in the past. Like I did Malik even though there were a lot of great memories he crossed a line of no return. There was no more trust and none could be built after that. But I will say everyone is not like that, but I still watch my back, and don’t trust easily.
My paper was complete because I felt like I got my point across. As I acknowledged the fact of how my best friend Malik backstabbed me. How I let my guard down because we were friends for years. I thought he could do no wrong since he hasn’t showed me any signs out of all of that time. But I was sadly mistaken.
I feel as though I achieved of telling people the word friend doesn’t mean anything to some people. It can be just a word to them. So if they do something wrong they have no conscience. But also achieved of letting them know you have to be strong and moving on from…

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