Who Is William Herschel's Discovery Of Uranus?

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William Herschel discovered the seventh planet from the sun, Uranus. This was the first planet discovered using a telescope. William Herschel started to question if Uranus was a planet or a star while looking at Uranus. From using a telescope, William Herschel was able to tell that Uranus was a planet and not a star. Previous astronomers thought that Uranus was a star and not a planet because they didn’t use a telescope. William Herschel named the planet Georgium Sidus (“Georgian Planet”) after the King of England. There was another astronomer named Johann Bode, who wanted to name the planet “Uranus” after an Olympian god of the heavens. By the 1950’s, the planet’s name was accepted as Uranus. The discovery of Uranus relates to the scientific
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