Who Is Your Favorite Political Leader And Why?

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Marwa Answar 11-23-2014 SSP 101 Final Paper Professor Desislava Zagorcheva “Who is your favorite political leader and why? What are the qualities that make him/her a successful leader? What experiences and/or people in his/her life helped this person become an effective leader?” Throughout history it indicates that political leader must have the certain ability to lead his or her nation. There are so many political leaders who are well known throughout history such as Adolf Hitler, Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, and the list can go on. Even though each of these political leaders is from different Era, and have different political viewpoints they have a lot of things in common. All of the political leaders have captivating personalities and were able to engage an audience. Each one of these leaders also had presence, and was able to command respect. There are so many great political leaders throughout history but Former president of United State of America Bill Clinton is one of my favorite political Leaders. There are so many reasons why Bill Clinton is one of my favorite political leaders and one of the reasons is that he has an amazing charisma. He has the ability to engage his audience. He is undoubtedly the best and utmost qualified president we 've had in the second half of the 20th Century, because of his aptitude to manage a nation better than any of the other Political leader in the 20th Century. He is the most proficient person to be a political leader.

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