Who Is an American?

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Who is An American? The author's response to the Atwan collection as well as the journal articles reviewed by the author of this paper is pretty simple. It can be concisely stated as the following. Open immigration is never going to be a viable solution, amnesty (for the third time in three generations) is not a good idea without some major follow-up, and the economic consequences of allowing 12 million (estimated) immigrants becoming legal overnight is not the panacea and feel-good fest that some people may think it will be. If amnesty recipients agree to do so and complete the requirements, they can and should be allowed to stay and be fruitful members of society. However, if the enforcement mechanism is not dialed up at the same time, then this country will be doing this yet again 20-30 years down the road"¦for at least the fourth time in a century. An American is someone who legally immigrates to this country and meets all the necessary requirements or is born to at least one American parent. It is not fair to legal immigrants, and it is a detriment to United States economy to boot, and we do not exactly need any more upsetting of the apple cart. This country already has a glut of people (citizens and non-citizens, mind you) that are educated poorly and we do not exactly want to deal with the consequences of swelling those numbers. Fortune 500 companies are clamoring for a lot more H-1B visa holders for a reason and it's because there is a dearth of skilled

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