Who Leaves A Sapphire Lying On The Ground

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Who leaves a sapphire just lying on the ground?

I bent over to pick up the twinkling gem. It was large, easily the size of a quarter, so it must be expensive. I was no gemologist, but I did know that the larger the gem, the more pricey it was. I rolled it around in my fingers, letting the light from the street lamps catch in all of its facets.

"Beautiful." I breathe. The dark blue of the sapphire almost seemed velvety, like the night sky. Too bad there weren 't any specs of silver in the gem. Then it would really resemble the night sky.

I sigh, a deep ache forming in my chest. The memory of a country nightside still burned fresh in my mind, as it wasn 't long ago that I could marvel at the beauty of the night sky where I could actually see it. Those days are gone now, at least for the time being.

I 'll return it to the police tomorrow. Pocketing the jewel, I finished my walk back home.

The city where I now live is nice, if you like air pollution and noise keeping you up all night, that is. Everyone is always saying that I 'll get used to it – everyone else already has – but I haven 't. Not yet.

I stared up at the dark sky. It was suffocating, like a heavy blanket with no promise of being lifted. Nothing like my old home where the full moon was so bright, I could see almost as well as I can at sunset. There were always places to explore in the woods. Bridges to cross and discovering new surprises from nature used to be my life. Now, it 's just pale buildings, pale…

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