Who Led The Battlefield In The Civil War Essay

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I bet you know about the Civil War, but do you know about the people who led the armies during the Civil War? Well I am going to tell you about one of the generals was one of the major parts of the Civil War and in a way not a big part.Braxton Bragg, a leader, student, soldier, and a general. He was a Confederate leader. Although he won a very important war for the Confederate side of the Civil War, he was overall an ineffective general. There is many different ways he was a good general and a bad one. He was not to bright of a general. One time he order a soldier to get a gun from a fallen soldier as they was retreating because that gun was government property.He soldiers lost all respect for him, he could of won a war that they had secured,…show more content…
In October Bragg Norton 4 engaged the forces of General Don Buell at the Battle of Perryville. While his troops had success in striking a blow against a part of Buell’s army, Bragg did not make the victory he set up and instead made the controversial decision to withdraw to Knoxville. Bragg would face a setback at the Battle of Stones River in December 1862 and January 1863, when Union forces, under General William Rosecrans, repulsed repeated Confederate offensives. During this time Bragg’s leadership came under considerable and may not be the general they needed, and many of his subordinates began to call for his replacement. Battle of Chickamauga proved to be the best battle under Bragg’s command, resulting in a Confederate victory in the Western Theater and creating more than 30,000 casualties. But despite his clear advantage, Bragg once again did not take his clearly earned victory and instead allowed the Union Army to retreat to Chattanooga. Bragg then laid siege to the city, but was dealt a defeat by General Ulysses S. Grant all because he did not capitalize in
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