Who Makes The Best Pizza? Essay

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In our world there is such a debate going on. People have very strong opinions and often cannot hold those feelings inside. I think we can agree that people may not ever agree. And that is not always a bad thing. We need different thoughts and experiences. You see, we are never going to agree who makes the best pizza. Chicago, New York, Pizza King in Anderson, IN, or Hungry Howies that we will enjoy today. There is such debate about who makes the best pizza.
Aside from restaurants, most foodies can agree that the best pizza comes special brick rock oven. You have seen those rock ovens, from the early civilizations they used these special ovens because of the smokey aroma, quick baking, crispy toppings, bubbly cheese, just cannot be matched from anything else. Well our message today is not about pizza, but rather allowing ourselves to be all in for the sake of the gospel.
Most of us consider this to be a favorite Gospel story, but it 's not an easy story -- for contained within it is a CHALLENGE -- a personal challenge for each of us individually; and a shared challenge for us as a Christian Community. The challenge is expressed so simply -- so beautifully -- so wonderfully in Jesus ' invitation to Peter, "Come on Peter!" "Come on!" "Get out of that boat!"
We 've all heard the expression, "DON 'T ROCK THE BOAT!" For many individuals and for many congregations that expression is a life philosophy -- a motto by which many live --"DON 'T ROCK THE BOAT!"
"Don 't Rock the boat"

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