Who Marcion Is Important For The Development Of Early Christianity

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Not all would call him a Christian scholar, but he was the most interesting second century Christian and also the most detrimental to the development of early Christianity and his name was Marcion. In this essay I will be explaining who Marcion is and why he was so important for the development of early Christianity. To start off my research paper my first resource was by Peter Head, The Foreign God And The Sudden Christ : Theology And Christology In Marcion 's Gospel Redaction, in which he talks about how many people back in the second century would not call Marcion a good Christian, leader, or a reformer but was later a great influence for the New Testament. Head then briefly introduces Marcion and who he was. Also, Peter Head…show more content…
My next source by David William, Reconsidering Marcion’s Gospel, addresses in his article that Marcion was gathered from multiple different resources. Marcion’s gospel was not written into the text and was basically the same thoughts as Paul just with a few different ideas. Williams also states his three general findings that he has as he studied Marcion thought out his life. Around 144 AD Marcion expressed his beliefs to everyone and not just to the church. Most people at that time thought that his beliefs were outrageous and they were frowned upon in that society. Marcion still believed what he thought was right and created his own church. Even though he knew that giving his opinion on religion was not a good idea during that time period he still did and got followers that believed in what he was creating. Everyone that followed his lead and believed the same thing that he did were called “Marcionites.” (Head) According to David Williams not much information on Marcion’s gospel is found. Most of the information is gathered up from references and quotes found in other literatures. (Williams) Marcion’s gospel that they have pieced together are said to look exactly like Luke’s gospel. If Marcion was asked the question himself, he would say that he was more like Paul rather than Luke. Marcion’s belief was in some ways similar to Gnostic Christian theology. Marcion was considered not a good Christian,
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