Who Moved My Cheese Analysis

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Who Moved Our Cheese?
Embracing Change and Moving Ahead

By Paul McMurray and Kristin Remmers

An adaptation of this article appeared in the November/December 2001 issue of NTCA's Rural Telecommunciations.

As the best-selling book - 31 months on the BusinessWeek charts, as of the Sept. 3 issue - Who Moved My Cheese? continues to make its mark in boardrooms and breakrooms across America, we are reminded of the message it conveys. A simple story told by four characters meandering in a maze, Who Moved My Cheese?, written by motivational guru Dr. Spencer Johnson, addresses a very important fact we sooner or later all face: Either adapt to changing times or risk being cast aside in the march of progress. As telecommunications providers,
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Competition has "moved the cheese." Most of us have probably been forced to examine our situation as a result of competition - and if we haven't, then we certainly should! We may be forced to think about things that previously were never an issue. This will no doubt require close scrutiny of our management practices, company structure, service offerings, cash flow analysis, marketing and public relations initiatives, and customer service, to name a few.

Our task is to make the public aware of what we have known all along: that independent companies and cooperatives play a more important role today than they ever have before in serving their communities. With services such as long distance, Internet, DSL and high-speed access, video, and other advanced services, independent telecommunications providers are transitioning from traditional local service to much, much more. The key in this equation is for us to position ourselves to benefit from the innovation and technological advancement that this new era in telecommunications has provided us.

In order to make this transition, however, we are required to wear many hats. Let's examine this situation further by looking at two brief scenarios. Customer service representatives of old may have been confined to taking or processing orders. Now, however, CSRs are key players, required to sell new features, to inform existing and potential customers of new services - to do more than

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