Who Moved My Cheese?

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Who Moved My Cheese? is a story of four characters: two mice ( Sniff and Scurry) and two little people ( Hem and Haw), The characters live in a maze and are in constant search for cheese. Every morning the mice and the humans went their separate ways, through the corridors and hallways of the maze, in search of cheese. One day both groups stumble upon a “Cheese Station C.” This corridor had more cheese than any other. Pleased with their findings, Hem and Haw started to get more and more comfortable in Station C. They personalized it as much as possible and viewed it as a second home. They started becoming arrogant. Supplies of cheese were gradually decreasing. Eventually, a day came where there was no cheese left at the Cheese Station C. Sniff and Scurry was not surprised because they noticed the change. Hem and Haw, however, did not. The mice left the station behind and begun a search for new cheese. Little people did not. They could not accept the fact that all of the cheese was gone and that the supply was not constant. They were not prepared and their over-thinking mind threw them in denial. After some time Haw accepted the fact that little people will have to respond to this change and he proposes a search for new cheese. Hem, however, chose to dwell in his victimized state of mind and not accept change. Putting his fears aside, Haw proceeded with the search for new cheese. He eventually finds “Cheese Station N,” only to notice that Sniff and Scurry have been there for

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