Who Moved My Cheese?

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Change is inevitable and occurs all around us, from health, behavior, and attitude to the change in the environment (buildings, roads, etc). According to Merriam Webster, change is defined as a transformation, alteration or substitution in behavior, position, or to break away from routine. In the video “Who Moved My Cheese?” the mice that were less complex minded, inventoried their food “cheese” daily and realized the need for change with situation (shortage). On the other hand, the two little men got comfortable in familiar surroundings, letting their guard down, and not realizing the subtle changes in their environment. The two little men followed their daily route to the food, only to notice the food was gone. “Hem” one of the two men believed that the cheese would come back if they followed their routine. The fear of changes from their comfort zone overcame the need for food. The two little men denied the change and eventually worked harder without change in the outcome while the mice found a new location of food. In the health field change occurs daily based on evidence based practice. When change is unplanned or little time for change occurs, it can cause stress and employee dissatisfaction. A recent change in our hospital occurred with the employment of a new director of acute care. The employment of the new director brought on changes to what was expected by the nursing staff. Some changes that were implemented include the charge nurse having to audit the

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