Who Moved My Cheese Reflection

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The reading “Who Moved My Cheese?” written by Spencer Johnson, was a very self-evaluating and motivational story that made you question who you are in the story and how can you change yourself if needed to? In the story, you have four main characters, Sniff is a mouse that sniffs possible changes in his present cheese, which in reality means he’s sniffing out the present problem, then you have Scurry who is Sniff friend and partner, that scurries out and finds new cheese, which in reality mean he doesn’t hesitate to finding new solution, then you have Hew a little person who dwell and complain about old cheese instead of move on, and when he finally realizes he need to it almost too late, finally you have Ham who is also a little person who never wants to change instead he wait for old cheese refusing to look for new cheese, he uncomfortable with change and will wait until what he’s use to comes back, which in reality never does. after reading this story I find that all four character represent me in one sort or another, but when the trials and tribulation come into play, and various problems enter my life I fall back into being Ham and staying comfortable where I am and waiting for results instead of making them.

While reading the story I automatically thought as myself as Sniff and Scurry the two mice, when change come upon them they sprung right into action, figuring out the problem and hurrying to find a new way to fix their problem, and I thought as myself to be
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