Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

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Who Moved My Cheese? is a motivational book written by Spencer Johnson in the form of a business fable. The book was said to be written to reveal profound truths to individuals and organizations dealing with change. Mr. Johnson has sold over 26 million copies and published his work in 37 different languages putting it amongst the best-selling books of all time. Mr. Johnson saw the discouragement that overcame people after failing to adjust to something that has altered their lives so he was influence to write this work. Many people are commonly fearful of change both in the workplace and in life in general. This business fable demonstrates many different perspectives through unique character the author purposely put in place. Inevitable changes in life can spring about fear in someone and could affect them permanently. This business fable had four main characters who I believe the author chose to demonstrate a bigger picture. The characters were two mice named Sniff & Scurry, and two little people named Hem & Haw who were essentially the same size as the mice. They all lived in a maze where they were required to explore in order to find cheese which was their source of food. The maze was a metaphoric symbol of the organizations we’re employed by and life in general. The cheese is symbolized as the things we work to obtain in order to satisfy one’s wants and needs. Every morning they each put on their jogging suits and running shoes leaving their homes to go out and pursue
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