Essay on Who Needs Sleep?

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In the United States 40% of car accidents are linked to lack of sleep (Souza). Sleep deprivation is a serious problem; people do not seem to care about or pay attention too. Everyone needs sleep; it is the mind and body’s natural way of restoring itself from a day’s work. There are four stages of sleep and according to The Better Sleep Council the first stage is when the mind is relaxing, and the eyes close. It is easy to wake someone during this stage, and people often feel like they are falling and suddenly jump. The second stage is when the heart rate is slowing down, and the body prepares to enter a deep sleep. Stage three is becoming more immersed in a deep sleep, approaching stage four, which is the most important. Stage four is…show more content…
A study recorded by Goldman, McDonough, and Rosemond in 1972 “noted that sleep-deprived junior doctors were more hesitant and showed less focused planning during a surgical procedure” (Harrison). Even doctors are affected by this. Doctors need to be able to make quick choices and to stay focus; people’s lives are in their hands, sleep is essential to being successful. Although everyone is not responsible for people’s lives, sleep still affects them mentally daily, and each day it builds up and becomes worse. In an interview with Professor Cathy Newell from Mesa Community College stated “they are able to get on a treadmill and still make it and what not, but where we see the most impairment is over a course. Like if we deprived them for 24-30 hours. Mental cognitive function tends to decrease” (Newell). People can last longer physically compare too mentally. The mind is running 24/7, and sleep gives it the ability to organize itself and fire off any leftover electrons, giving the mind the ability to dream in stage four REM sleep. Sleep deprivation does not happen overnight, it happens over a period of time. As Cathy Newell stated it happened after 24-30 hours of sleep deprivation marks the start of the cognitive function deteriorating. Many things can throw off a person’s sleep. A study conducted in 1792, a French geophysicist discovered the
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