Who Owns A Small Business

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Entrepreneurs come from all over, of many different types, with many different talents and many different dreams. Not everyone, however, whom owns a small business, is an entrepreneur. We have a dream and we attempt to pursue it, yet end up finding ourselves working twice as hard attempting to make it work because we only trust ourselves. You go into business for yourself but spedn so much time working on the product and doing the chores that you lose sight on the business itself. In fact, according to Gerber, only a select few are true entrepreneurs and for the others it may have existed for a short period of time. From a newcomer’s perspective, one would think of course if they own their own business they are classified as an…show more content…
He uses the example of Sara in the book to relate to the readers, Sarah a woman whom took a love for baking pies and turned it into a job, suffering from what Gerber calls an Entrepreneurial Seizure, took what was a skilled hobby and is now a chore. It begins too much and you can lose sight of what’s really important in order to make room for everything else. This is something Gerber relates to as the technician, by now its clear there’s more to the story. The story unfolds into 3 different types of people, describing it as the technician, the manager, and the entrepreneur. The technician as earlier described is the doer in us, the one who will get it done. The manager is pragmatic, the planning, organizing, order, and predictability stem from this side. The Entrepreneur is the dreamer in us the one who wants to not only get to the finish line but create it as well. The sky is the limit and ideas stem from this side. What does this all mean however? The key is too find yourself in the business, what truly makes you want to create a new life and how you want to live it in the business, how to find a way to get everything you want out of it and even more, and wondering how. There needs to be balance so that the personalities don’t have to clash and drive each other crazy. Looking at where it all starts businesses grows in three phases and there is a distinct message in each. The infancy stage is the owner and the business, without the
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