Who Prays For Satan?

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“But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?” Society is filled with morally wrong, wicked, evil people with and without conscious. Humans in this cold world will watch someone be killed or robbed and pretend as if they didn’t see a thing either because they are that cold hearted or because an immoral evil person has instilled fear in them.
What is society’s definition of evil? How do they view the seven deadly sins? There are seven deadly sins which are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony. The world pursues these sins on a daily bases and most are completely unaware of this. One may be eating dinner on the beach, and a woman walks by in
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Society uses the term “haters” so loosely they don’t realize they are actually the ones reenacting envy and the music expresses the jealousy and also discusses the wrath formed against the “haters” in society. Everywhere in the world one of the seven sins is being committed if not all of them.
One of the seven deadly sins was wrath, which is the irresistible emotions of hatred and anger toward someone or something. Wrath also causes destruction among one’s self and provokes violence and hatred, which can go on for generations and generations among people for centuries. Even after the death of someone, wrath can continue on because the feelings can manifest into children or people around and cause this sin to linger on forever.
The manifestation of wrath can be brought about in many ways such as being impatient, revengeful, and having self-destructive behavior, like drug and alcohol abuse and suicide. Wrath does not correlate with self-indulgence or greed but could be caused by jealousy and selfish reasons. In the bible God’s wrath is thought of as a terrifying thing, therefore men try to remove any thoughts of it from their mind or attempt to conclude that no such thing exist.
Society is told that God expresses great adoration and is sparing and compassionate, yet doubts are still heavy on their mind to the causes of his wrath. God’s wrath is executed toward ungodly and unrighteous creatures. When God destroyed the city

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