Who Pulls the Trigger?

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There is much controversy over gun laws in the United States. Today, people are very opinionated about this subject and it has become a very serious issue. Very frequently in the media, people hear about mass shootings and terrible crimes that involve guns. This has led them to believe that guns are the problem, when in fact it’s the people using them. Firearms do not directly cause violence; by everyone having access to fire arms, it increases the deadliness of violence altogether (Cothran 78). David Kopel says, in our society “”what we need is more “good guys with guns.” Right now in some communities, police are already stretched too thin to provide even one officer per school.””(Kopel). Handgun regulations should be reduced, because people have a right to own firearms and a right to protect themselves and their property. We, as Americans, have always had the right to bear arms since the founding of our country. Matt Bai has a strongly states, “firearms have always been a part of America’s frontier mythology. But now there are cracks in gun culture—and in the heart land the balance of support.”(Bai). Many people are trying to pull the second amendment out of context. Those who are for gun control are dissecting the individual definitions of every word. The second amendment is “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” (Roleff 63). The denotation of the word “militia”
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