Who Really Possesses The Right?

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Who Really Possesses the Right? The topic of abortion has seen its fair share of morals, science, philosophy, and religion. However, from a simple biological standpoint we can determine whether or not this is a topic worthy of such intense debate. It seems the majority of those who oppose legal abortion believe in the sanctity of life, and some of these individuals are of religious background. On the other side of the fence, we have the supporters of legal abortion that usually use the concept of autonomy, that the government has no right to decide what a woman does with her body, to claim that anti-abortionists are flawed in their reasoning. The anti-abortion theory of the sanctity of life is based heavily on morality, but this reasoning becomes absurdity when faced with the concern of a fetus. To understand why many oppose abortion, we must understand the concept of the sanctity of life. This is the belief that every life is sacred and holy. That we as an intelligent race are obligated to uphold this false sense of reality that every single life is a miracle of nature. Despite the possibility of developing a concrete general meaning for the word “miracle,” we can all agree that it is a term usually publically applied to events that are so incredible, that they cannot be a common or easily replicated phenomena. Otherwise, it would be labeled as such. With this loose definition in mind, we can eliminate the claim that every life is a miracle. If this were the case, Earth
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