Who Really Wrote Shakespeare's Work

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Who really wrote Shakespeare's works? One of the most well-known writers in history is also one of the most controversial writers. William Shakespeare has been credited to thirty-eight plays, but did he actually write all of them. The debate whether he wrote all of his plays has been debated for generations. One of the main reasons was if his education level was high enough to be a world-famous writer. But if Shakespeare didn't write his works, then who did? One of the most controversial and accused writers was Sir Francis Bacon. Sir Francis Bacon was a great scientist and a great writer. He was a well-educated man and his educated level was higher and more advanced than William Shakespeare.…show more content…
Shakespeare wrote about 37 plays divided into three categories, comedies, histories, and tragedies. He was the greatest writer of his time and a very talented artist. What hurts Shakespeare's case for writing all of his works was his education level. He had basic schooling but no university education. Some say his writings are writings not learned in school and that his writings are just pure talent. But Robert Greene said that Shakespeare as an actor thought he could write as well or better than well-educated writers. Most great writers have a good educational background, but Shakespeare doesn't so that will always have some cause for debate. The debate of whether Shakespeare wrote his works will be debated for years. Both sides have strong arguments but neither have enough evidence to prove the other wrong, the thing we know is that whoever wrote them they did a spectacular job. So if you can't decide who the author is, just know that they are wonderful

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