Who Rules America Analysis

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In the heart of downtown Chicago, there is a private social club called the “Casino”. You and I, or anyone else, cannot even enter without permission. It is a club that reserved only for the wealthy and it requires a membership. The membership process can only begin by a recommendation from a member to the board for your recruitment. A screening process and a majority vote process follows. If you are selected, you become a member by offering a generous annual donation to the club. This club does not accept common folks like you and me, and especially the poor. The policy of this club is similar to many other private clubs and only serves those who are higher on the socio economic hierarchy. It is no secret that the class system is prevalent…show more content…
The rich people have the money to splurge and they can still maintain a luxurious lifestyle. In the text titled Who Rules America?, Domhoff outlines the opportunities and lifestyle of the upper class. He explains economic inequality through the descriptions of the rich and their actions. As said in the text, “American upper class…unique style of life” (p.253). The kids of the rich attend private schools and receive unconditional treatment to maximize their success. From private tutors to boarding schools, the parents spend money like it is nothing. Meanwhile, offspring’s of the poor attend public schools and do not have the means for extracurricular activities or enrichment programs. The author continues to mention the benefits that the children receive by attending the private institutions and forming alliances in these schools that creates a social circle for the future. As said in the text, “this private system benefits primarily the upper class and provides...networks that will be with them throughout their lives” (p.255). The implications of their children attending private schools is that these children get a better learning experience for their future and will be well prepared. They will be qualified for embracing the world compared to the children of the poor, who received only public education. This form of economic inequality puts the poor at a disadvantage and hinders the success of their
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