Who Said That Animation Is Just For Kids Essay

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Ask any student in college about old cartoon shows like Looney Toons or X-men, and you'll probably get a response like “I used to love watching that show!”. Children in America today are raised on cartoons, as most American animation is directed at children. If you were to ask the people who said that they used to watch cartoons if they still watch animated shows today, they would probably say that they grew out of watching cartoons a long time ago. However, this is not the case everywhere, in Japan animated shows are directed to all ages instead of just children. Animated television shows are made for children in America, but in Japan animation has a much broader spectrum. In America one of the first popular achievements in…show more content…
This made animation much easier and soon became a trademark of American cartoons. As the years went on cartoons did not diverge from the successful slapstick routine that was shown. But as the years passed and local televisions were introduced, cartoons were no longer something you could only see in theaters. Adults became less interested in the cartoons, and began considering cartoons as something that only children should watch. As such animation companies began directing all of their shows at young children. Merchandising was now the best way to make money off of these cartoons now that the cartoons could be watched at home, with constant advertisement, companies could sell all kinds of merchandise based off of cartoons, a great example of which is Disneyland. Up into the 90s cartoons were still directed at children urging them to purchase the next cool toy based off of the show. Today some animated shows are becoming more adult oriented with shows like The Simpsons, or South Park which contain more mature content but still keep the crazy antics that are prevalent in animation. Over the years American animation has almost always been very episodic, where at the end of the episode every thing was back to normal and life keeps going as if nothing has happened, character's in shows never age and always stay the same. This way people watching the

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