Who Sat On The Highest Space Defense Board

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This was going to end badly and no one could tell her differently. She knew a set up when she saw one and she had done enough of them to know all the signs by the numbers. What confused her at the moment was the reason why. Oh, she was going to get out of this one and there was guaranteed to be a large gaping hole throughout the organization before her anger would be satisfied. Even if it was possible for this foolishness to succeed, the body count would be slightly smaller than what it would take for her to escape this situation. Several score of highly trained Black Strike Troupers would be hard to sweep under the rug. The cost to fully clone, train, equip, and qualify just one of them had to be agreed upon by at least three…show more content…
His usefulness was at an end, and she needed to tie up that loose end before her commander learns she might have inadvertently slept with the idiot. That was all she needed, the man she was to marry after this assignment learning that she had done more than what was required with her husband. Speaking about her husband, the fool was fast asleep in the bedroom. After all the narcotics she had to slip into his drinks last night, she was surprised the fool was still breathing. Just one pill would put two men out, but she had to dose him three times before she could even get the man to slur his words. He wasn’t that way when all this had started six months ago. _ I had heard enough rumors about Nunica Black then I cared to remember. If just a small fraction of them were true, then I was in bigger trouble than I’ve ever been in my entire life. When we had first met, I had absolutely no idea how truly dangerous this woman is. From what I could see, and wipe away the drool before anyone notice, she was an exceptional beauty with a figure to give you the perfect excuse to trip over your own two feet or walk into a glass wall and not noticed that you had. I knew she was trouble when I saw some guy walk up to her carrying two drinks and offered her one. Several men dragged him away and there was a muffled sound and a flicker of light of a blaster discharging. Well, I know when there is a sign saying do not approach and I looked for
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