Who Should Control Of Ours School?

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Who should be in control of ours school? Unions? School boards? The government? Everybody want access to our schools and make the changes that they think is better. Better for who? Students, teacher, or themselves? Is it a real compromise from the state and federal government of having control of our schools? Having local control is working best for our students? Are the people in these positions working for the best of our country or there are a conflict of interest? According to Bergmann (2010), “preparing our students to compete in a global economy, bridging the achievement gap, bringing classrooms into 21st Century Learning, and keeping quality teachers in the classroom are complex issues with no easy solutions.” It 's hard to prepare our schools for the new comings, but we need to put our best effort to have the best education of the world. Student achievement has stagnated or declined since 1970, and the cost of sending a child to the K-12 systems has tripled, even with the adjusted inflation (Coulson, 2010). Who must be in control?

According to Coulson (2011), the unions of teachers has helped to drive up the cost of a student in the K-12 school system and to protect even those teachers with low performance. Since 1970, the cost of a student in the K-12 system has raised from $55,000 to $155,000, but the performance of the students have declined since then (Coulson, 2011). Where is the rest of the money? I believe that a teacher need to have a
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