Who Should Protect Our Data?

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The internet never forgets. This fact raises issue of privacy concerns on the internet. Internet privacy involves the right to retain personal privacy regarding shared data on the internet. Privacy encroachment is altering the data provided by the user for the benefit of anyone other than the user. From the beginning of large scale computer sharing, the issue of privacy concerns has been a concern. The information a person releases via the internet is too large and extensive. There is very little protection regarding the control of information sharing options via the internet. Nonetheless, we can drop down our focus area to the three main parties that I consider worth putting the blame on. Namely, user, developer and the government. These parties have their own part to play in protecting the shared data on the Internet. Nonetheless, the issue about the ultimate protector of our online data still remains questionable.
The first party are the user who use various services on the internet. With the increase in internet users and internet services, users have opted to use many of those services. A user is a person responsible for understanding, the sharing options and the security of the web services. An internet user might use social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or login to secured bank accounts and secured servers, while leaving their personal information like age, gender, address and telephone number, open to view by anyone on the internet. User
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