Who Stayed On Junas On The Em

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Four days later they, without O’Donnell, who stayed on Junas to work on the EM device, made their way, with IQ and Screwdriver as guides, in a transport vessel towards the planet Kalos to inspect the battle fleet. None was ready for the incredible sight as they approached the planets orbital plane. The rate of the fleets construction was unbelievable. In four days, six finished battle groups, each containing three thousand battle cruisers, already orbited the western side of the planet, with at least thirty finished fighter squadrons, each containing five hundred fighters, orbiting its eastern side. IQ slowed the transport ship down and guided it into the planet 's atmosphere before turning towards the Central Construction Headquarters. On the ground, the heavy rumble of industry vibrated the atmosphere like a constant thunder as they walked from the transport vessel to a waiting runabout. Everywhere around, androids worked at impossible paces as automated machines spun and clattered. Above their heads, booms swished to and fro as they swung their heavy payloads from one place to another and, amidst all of this, loud orders cut through the dust filled noise like gaggles of tempered Geese. The loudest of these belonging to Sidebottom. “Get a move on!” He shouted, as he whizzed between the construction workers. “Hurry with that Neutronic Booster! On your feet, it 's not time for an oil break!” “I’ll turn his head inside out if he doesn’t shut up!” A voice

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