Who Suffers Most from Willy's Delusions?

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The main character in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman is Willy Loman.

He is an old salesman who lives in world build up of illusions and memories. His

life is based on dreams which never come true. Willy is trying to accomplish the

American Dream, but in his dream accomplishment successes of his sons, Biff and

Happy, do not exist. Loman's receipt for wealth is personal attractiveness and well

likeness, unfortunately he never achieve these receipts. During his life he follows

his dream, but when things go wrong he fools everybody around including

himself. His memories are filled with amazing stories which always make him the

"hero" that everybody else are proud of. By not living in reality he makes his
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"Willy: Don't be a pest, Bernard! To his boys: What an anemic"

(1.33.4-5). Unfortunately what Loman had thought Biff, never works for him in

the real world.

Willy's frauds affected his son's life very badly. Biff always wanted to be as

his father, the super hero father. Loman makes his son make the same mistakes
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