Who Takes Advantage Of Media Coverage?

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Who takes Advantage of Media Coverage?
Tyasia Senega
American River College
Media Research Projects
Professor Wilbur Johnson
November 25th, 2015


Media coverage over the years has expanded quickly with the help of new age technology, forcing today’s society on total reliance of media coverage. With the news in the palm of our hands, we are constantly being updated on worldwide dilemmas every second, but who takes advantage of coverage? Using coverage for the downfall of others or to help them prosper. As I have channeled my research on how politics, uses both negative and positive coverage to assist them during elections and small businesses and major corporation needing media coverage to be viewed as credible. Many
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Various types of media coverage exist and some of these can be used in a good way while others may be used in a bad way. It is common, before to the Second World War, for governments to use the media to make other(s) countries look bad and during that time, media wasn’t as advanced as it is now. The types of media coverage was very limited, still media could be used to help the downfall of a world leader and its country.
Political Figures and Major Companies
Many politicians, if not all I believe use the media to its upmost advantage - for better and worst. Media and politics will always go hand in hand. Politicians rely on the media to get the exposure they need to win elections. Reporters and journalist are demanded to cover the people chosen to lead government. But in election years, people who work in media should prepare themselves for the manipulation they 'll likely face when a politician 's quest for office runs suddenly into the media 's eagerness to seek the truth. The way for a candidate to get media coverage is to invite reporters to a news conference for a mandatory announcement. That announcement could be the same over exaggerated economic idea that has been discussed plenty of times. These conferences are to get you there to cover the candidate.
Senator Trent Lott, was on his way of becoming majority leader of the U.S Senate. In 2002 of December, Sen. Lott’s downfall began when an ABC News
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